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Our mission is to help you make money. We deliver real-time halt alerts via SMS text, email, and push notifications to enable you to take advantage of momentum plays. Join today and you'll also gain access to professional-grade research tools, buy/sell sentiment data, and a community of traders — all at a fraction of the cost of other services.

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Push Notification Alerts
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Maximize Your Gains With Trade The Halt

We offer real-time alerts, advanced charting and stock research tools, buy/sell sentiment indicators, day trading education and resources, and a community of traders to give you the trading edge and maximize your profit opportunities.

Stock Halts Dashboard

Sophisticated charts, customized by our experienced traders, built on the TradingView charting platform.

Data sourced from 4 Top US Exchanges

Data points maintain an accuracy of < 25 millisecond ticks, ensuring you get the most up-to-date financial information.
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Real-time news from the best sources in Finance

Our news is sourced in real-time from the top reputable financial news sources.
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Why Choose Trade The Halt?

Our real-time alerts, trading tools, and resources maximize your profit opportunities by giving you the tools to trade smarter and earn more. Check out some of the recent top gainers our Members were alerted to.

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