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Thousands of active traders and growing use our platform daily for alerts, analysis, and trading strategies.
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Our high-speed servers located in multiple datacenters ensure you get your data in near real-time.
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Our mission is to provide all traders the tools and education to take advantage of the massive gain opportunities from trade halts and key technical alerts.

We are founded by day traders — who also happen to be software engineers — who were looking for more and better ways to profit from market volatility.

We provide alerts, research tools, and a growing community of traders that can help you become better at extracting value from the markets.

Our core mission will always remain the same: we want to enable every-day traders the tools to pull money from the markets. This is how the "1%" builds wealth, and the rest of us should have the same opportunities.


Our alerting engine runs around the clock during full U.S. market hours (4:00am - 8:00pm Eastern), collecting and analyzing market data, generating alerts, and building historical data for in-depth research.

Why Choose Trade The Halt?

We're more than just the best SMS Alerting Engine in the financial industry.

Boosted Gains

Our halt alerts, combined with key technical and financial data, ensures that you are alerted to the best profit opportunities every trading day.


Our growing discussion community of like-minded traders can offer up valuable insights into trade halts, stock picking, reading technical indicators, and more.


Our expanding library of articles and resources can provide you with deeper insight into halt trading and a host of other day trading strategies.

Our High-Speed Servers are Located around the World

Our alerting engine is deployed over multiple servers in regions around the world to ensure that your alerts are delivered as quickly as possible.

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